Sunday, February 4, 2007

Missing Children

Have you seen the following children? They have been illegally relocated by Women's Refuge, CYFS & Police. (see article below) Their whereabouts & safety has been unknown by the childrens father, their 8yr old brother & and their paternal relations for over 3 months. This is despite enquiries by family members & lawyers. These children may be at risk of neglect & abuse, as their mother is not focussed on their welfare, and is associated with known criminals & drug-addicts. She has also previously deserted them when she couldn't cope, and she is mentally unstable & suffering long term depression. There are also some concerns for the safety & welfare of their mother Barbara Cunningham, for reasons as stated above. Any information will be regarded as confidential & would be greatly appreciated, as we are all extremely concerned about them, as is their brother Ethan.

Sarah Jane Corban

Mitchell Yarad Corban

Samuel David Corban

George Edward Rimu Corban

Rosemary Sage Corban
They were last seen in the Taumarunui area in early November.
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Sincerely, The Corban Family

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Illegal action by CYFS

Hi, I'm a 43 yr old father of six children, five of whom have been relocated by Women's Refuge & Police & CYFS along with their mother, my ex-partner. They are now hiding their whereabouts from me without lawful reason, in fact they cannot explain why, despite enquiries by myself & other family members. This arose out of a incident where my ex-partner had me seriously assaulted by two men at our former home, in front of all my children. The Police now are refusing to press charges, despite an assault complaint being made, and are hiding their whereabouts, while unable to give an explanation for their actions. They have also refused to supply details of the case file, despite an official request being made. CYFS have supplied a file showing that they have been indeed been relocated, which also clearly reveals an attempt by several Welfare agencies to build a case against me, where there is none. This file was instigated by my sister-in-law ringing CYFS and expressing concerns about the childrens welfare, but instead of investigating her concerns they have simply created an attempt to justify the Police and Women's Refuges' actions. Despite CYFS staff admitting that there has been previous involvement by them at my ex-partners instigation, this has not appeared on file and I am told by switchboard staff in Auckland that this doesn't appear on 'the system'. I have also had trouble getting trouble getting adequate legal representation, apparently because Legal Aid "doesn't pay the costs involved", but also because there seems to be a great deal of coersion between lawyers/police, lawyers/welfare agencies, etc. I am a long term invalid pensioner, with one dependant child, and cannot afford expensive legal help to sort this out. Nor should I have to, because I have done nothing wrong, and in fact have been the victim of several previous assaults by my ex-partner. Despite several attempts to press charges and get help for myself and children, I was continuously denied help by Police and I have now been targeted as the 'offender'. Can you help?
Please, I am very afraid and unable to help myself as I have been seriously traumatised and to date have not recieved any help from Victim Support/Counselling, despite many attempts to seek help from WINZ, doctor, both now and in the previous few years.
Yours sincerely, David G. Corban